Le Marché d’Aligre

by Arne Körner


Original TitleLe Marché d’Aligre
DirectorArne Körner
Duration08:18 min

About the director

Arne Körner is a Hamburg based film maker. After studies as audio-visual engineer, he was a student of Wim Winders at the Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg. In 2013 he participated in an exchange program at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. In 2016 he participated at Werner Herzog‘s Rogue Film School. His work has been shown in numbers of festivals and received several awards. The Bicycle is his first feature film and won the Prix du Jury at Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal.


Paris: the 12th arrondissement, the Aligre market. A road with more than forty fruit and vegetable stands. Pure Vitamin C! Day by day tons of goods are moving. The Total condensing: buyers and sellers of all stripes dealing and strolling. The Aligre is a place of cultures, a symphony of things: oranges, apples, mangoes they are all the stars of the moment in a dense crowd of shouting, hunger, trade and enjoyment. A unique piece of Paris!


Narrator: Jacky Nonnon / Director, Camera, Editor: Arne Körner / Production: Against Reality Pictures / Script: Émile Zola / Additional Camera: Martin Prinoth / Color Grading: Bernie Greiner / Re-Recording Mixer: Stephan Konken / Title Design, Graphic: Victor Majarres

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