Film Fest Zell

3 – 6 October 2019
in Zell am See, Austria

Going Places! – Under this motto, the third edition of Film Fest Zell takes place from 3 – 6 October 2019. Literally, this is to signal the spirit of optimism and curiosity. In a figurative sense, Going Places! describes! someone who will go far. “She’ll be going places” is to be understood as recognition, not being content with the status quo, but to challenge and overcome it. It is the confidence that those who purposefully pursue their chosen path will have many great experiences on their journey.

Going Places! takes us to extraordinary places, people and experiences. It questions our own perspectives or turns them upside down. We are particularly proud to honor courageous film making with the Courageous Film Award. And to carry the spirit with rhythm, a live concert is the making. And at our Film Talks, we will foster lively discussions with filmmakers from all over the world. Coz Film Fest Zell is Going Places!

A quick note: We are completely stoked by how fast the festival is drawing an international crowd!  So we are doing our best to get the English site up and running as fast as possible. Please bear with us!