Colour Cage

by Daniel Reascos


Original TitleColour Cage
DirectorDaniel Reascos
Duration15:47 min

About the director

Daniel Reascos is a young filmmaker born in Ecuador in 1996. He studied Cinema at “INCINE”, a film institute located in Quito. He directed 7 short films and several music videos other than writing all of its scripts. His last short film “Colour Cage” was official selection of several festivals around the world, e.g. “ISFVF of the Beijing Film Academy”, “3 Frontiers Festival of Brazil”, “VGIK International Film Festival of Russia” and “FSF of Belgrade”.

Daniel has has received the “Honorific Mention of the Jury in the 10th CIBA- CILECT Cinema School Showcase” and won the “CIBA-CILECT 2017 PRIZE” as Best Short Film. Currently, he is writting the script of his first feature film named “Chaos”.


A man caged in a black and white world consumed by the need of produce money, suddenly discovers colors. He will try to escape from his monotonous life using colors but it isn’t what he expected.

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