by Raphaela Selge


Original TitleWintertage
DirectorRaphaela Selge
Duration25:00 min

About the director

Raphaela Selge born in 1985 in Krefeld am Niederrhein | Daughter of classical musicians, grew up in a large family of film and theater artists | wrote early short stories & poems, made music, played in theater groups | 2005 High School | 2005-2011 study of psychology at the WWU Münster, diploma diploma | worked in various psychosomatic and psychiatric institutions | several longer stays abroad (especially in Latin America) | 2014-2015 acting education in Berlin | 2015-2018 Studies of film directing at ifs Cologne, Bachelor degree her fascination with the human psyche and emotional abyss is reflected in her films


At its core, this fiction short asks a simple question: What is it like to be old?


Raphaela Selge (screenplay / direction)
Jakob Gehrmann (camera)
Maximilian Bohl (production)

With support from the ifs international film school, Cologne

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