by Gianluca Pistoia


Original TitleEintagsfliegen
DirectorGianluca Pistoia
Duration20:00 min

About the director

Born in Cologne on February 21st, 2000, Gianluca grew up in Germany and has been making films since he was 13. He follows his dream of invoking emotions in people through his movies. He will graduate from high school in 2019 with a special focus on media studies.

„Filming is not a hobby, it’s like an inner scream that possesses me. I get this kick when I dream. I learn who I am through filmmaking and try to understand the world by that. I hate this feeling of loneliness – I sometimes get it even though I’m surrounded by family and friends. But when they see what I saw on the silver screen, I feel like they understand me. It feels like I can change something, for I can speak for people who can’t speak for themselves.“


Paul, a young man from a rich but broken home, has a secret. Now 10,000€ in 500€ notes, a pain-filled letter, and a cunning prostitute are supposed to help him get rid of that secret.


Drehbuch: Justus Eifler (17 Jahre) / Kamera / Produktion: Finnegan Godenschweger (20 Jahre) / Schnitt: Jannik Tondorf (21 Jahre) / Musik: Lukas Günther (17 Jahre)

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