by Mickey Fonseca


Original TitleResgate
DirectorMickey Fonseca
CastGil Esmael, Arlete Bombe, Laquino Fonseca, Rachide Abdul, Thomas Bie, Candido Quembo
Duration100 min

About the director

“I grew up in fortunate times! Films screened throughout the many cinemas in the country. Long queues and “sold out” signs at the counter, were part of the ritual. Every weekend my grandmother bought tickets in advance, so i could be fascinated and hypnotized by the grandiosity of a Russian war film production, the music and detailed choreography of an Indian love story, the grittiness of the characters and settings of an Italian spaghetti Western.

These magical moments where i profoundly immersed into the stories, left an enormous mark in my subconscious, contributing immensely towards my passion for making films.”

Born in Maputo, started 20 years ago as an office/set production assistant @ Monkey Films, Cape Town. For 6 years, he works as a second assistant director, location scout, unit manager and production manager on commercials, documentaries and feature films. In 2009 he produces his first film with Pipas Forjaz, the short “Mahla, and a production company is born.


After 4 years in prison, BRUNO (34) is finally a free man and back in the city of Maputo with beloved girlfriend Mia and their baby. He finds a job in a scrapyard and lives an honest life when he’s suddenly surprised by a bank summons referring to a mysterious loan his late mother took. He must pay or the bank will foreclose on his house. He comes up with a master plan that puts his life and family at risk.


Written And Directed – Mickey Fonseca
Producers – Pipas and Mickey
Dop And Editing – Pipas Forjaz
Gaffer – Peter Du Plessis
Continuity and Line Producer – Maura Quatorze
1st assistant Director – Nelson Chivite
Casting – Nilza Jose
On Set Producer – Momade Capurchande
Wardrobe – Louiggi Júnior
Wardrobe Assistant – Ísis Mbaga
Art Director – Nurodine Daúde
Art Dept Assistants – Vicente Muchongo and Zafir Mohamed
Set Painter – “Mido” Cremildo João
1st focus Puller – Jenelle Stafford
2nd assist. Camera – Valter Monteiro
3rd assist. Camera – Chiquinho Martins
On Set Sound – Micas Cumba
Boom – Benildo Enosse
Makeup – Cátia Munguambe
Best Boy – Caulo Rajabo
Sparks – Tony Mondlane, Claudino Ernesto, Dérito Langa
Dolly and Crane – Pascoal Mate, Almeida Langa
Production Assistants – Abu Arrone, Cesariano Anuar, David Nhanjale, Nuno Manhiça Unit Manager – Osvaldo Mauze
Sound and Mix – Janno Muller- Onkeysound
Colorist – Andreia Bertini
EFX – Nildo Essa
Music – Milton Gulli and Nandele Maguni

Programm Pop-Up Kino