Hide and Seek

by Ognjen Petkovic


Original TitleHide and Seek
DirectorOgnjen Petkovic
Duration13:00 min
CountrySerbia / USA

About the director

Ognjen Petković was born in Vukovar, Croatia in 1986. He graduated acting at Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia in 2008. In 2015. He enrolled Phd in Audiovisual Arts at Novi Sad Academy. He made several short fiction, experimental and documentary movies, such as: Three points (2011), Qatar (2014), Hands (2016), Love(2017), Crocodile (Post-production), Hide and seek (2018), Autumn Waltz (2019) With his movies he entered many international festivals. His movies participated on international festivals, such as Palm Springs, Slamdance, Florida film festival, Film court de Brest, GoDebut, Villeurbanne, Kustendorf, CinemaCity, Manhhatn international film festival, Regensburg, West Tokio film festival, Kinosmena… At the moment he is working on feature documentary Sounds of Silence and wants to develop his first feature fiction movie Godot Left, about family who broke apart.


In a war torn area full of snipers, a group of people seek safety in a hidden shelter, but water is quickly running out. A woman steps out into unknown danger in attempt to provide for the others. Based on a true story and part of a larger project of short films exploring the effects of the Balkan wars of the 1990s on average citizens.

Programm Pop-Up Kino