Red-evoked agitations

by Agustín Telo


Original TitleRed-evoked agitations
DirectorAgustín Telo
Duration4:07 min

About the director

Agustin Telo is graduate of Image and Sound Design, in the Buenos Aires University (UBA), with courses and seminars of photography, cinema and visual arts. His work goes through diverse techniques (motion images proyections, animation and digital video) and different supports and materials (objects, textil, ice or thrush installations). In recent years he makes various video installations: „El armario“ / “El Lumenario” / “Dilusión”. In 2018 premieres the experimental short film “Topographies of a distant noise”. Nowadays, he works on his own over experimental video projects.


„Red-evoked agitations“ was born from the digital intervention of family films founded on the internet. These images, adopted as work material, are processed and vectorized frame by frame, investigating the figures, spaces and movements founded in them. The work consists in reinterpreting and appropriating these foreign images, seeking their connection and identification with the deepest personal photographic memory. It’s about highlighting their vitality, manipulating them in search of transforming themselves, deconstructing them.”

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