Estranho Animal

by Arthur B. Senra


Original TitleEstranho Animal
DirectorArthur B. Senra
Duration5:03 min

About the director

Arthur B. Senra is Brazilian. He studied Film and Video and has a specialization in Creative Processes in Words and Image. He is a director of short films, music videos, professor of audiovisual workshops, and also collaborated on several film projects. His works have been featured in national and international festivals, receiving several awards. He worked as assistant director of the MUMIA – Underground World Animation Festival from 2006 to 2015. From 2016 to 2018 he was curator and programmer of the Sesc Palladium movie theater in Belo Horizonte. Currently lives in Brasilia and works as curator and programmer of film festivals.

Filmography: Curta Memória (2016) / Marcatti (2015) / Bin Laden (2010) / Cabezas Desconocidas (2009) / Volu-Re-A-Dicionário (2008) / Eletronic Brightness Systems (2007)


“Estranho animal a ditadura:
homens sem asas, pássaros sem pés”

(Strange animal, the dictatorship:
men without wings, birds without feet)


Textos (Texts) – Arthur B. Senra , Paulo Vilara / Direção (Director) – Arthur B. Senra / Imagens (Images) – Alex Budovsky, Arthur B. Senra, Cris Ventura, Guto Borges, Joacelio Batista, Marisa Merlo, Pedro Paulo Rocha, Saulo Salomão , Sávio Leite  / Animações (Animation) – Arthur B. Senra, Diego Akel , Jackson Abacatu / Montagem (Editor) – Arthur B. Senra / Vozes (Voices) – Alessandra Carneiro de Mendonça , Ricardo Righi / Trilha sonora original (Original soundtrack) – Thiago Guedes , Tiago Salgado / Mixagem e Masterização (Mixing and mastering) – Thiago Guedes / Tradução (Translation) – Ly Assunção

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