I WAS HERE – with her #1

by Jose Cruzio


Original TitleI WAS HERE – with her #1
DirectorJose Cruzio
Duration2:57 min

About the director

José Cruzio (b. 1975) lives in Viseu. He graduated in Fine Arts and Painting, and has a one-year post-graduate master degree in Contemporary Artistic Creation at the University of Aveiro. 

At present, he works as a teacher of Visual Arts and as an artist. Since 1998 he has attended many photography, video and video-art workshops; he worked as a scene photographer in various collective scenic-performative art groups.
He participated as an artist in the International Biennials of Vila Nova de Cerveira, Douro / Alijó and Porto Santo, in the World Triennial of Chamalieres (FR), Miniprint of Cadaqués (ES) and at several events, such as the Ephemeral Gardens in Viseu (PT).

Currently, he is also working in multidisciplinary teams in media arts.


A set of short videograms, 3´ length, with sound and loop mode, called “I Was Here”, which is shown halfway. It arose from a data collection of finely outlined short cuts (structure, duration) in slow motion and, in addition to that, a music work was added from a distance, thanks to a teamwork process.

„With the I WAS HERE project, a set of short videograms was built as reports of the visits of the author by the “non-places”/” places”, or passing points, circumstantial or not. These are to be conferred a value or a meaning through a revision process and added compositions, with sound and further interpretations from different origins, revealing, at the same time, its main references.

Therefore, I WAS HERE forms the basis of a wide range of video contributions in process, which reflect a specific space-time conceptuality, which is hyperbolized in the motto popping up in each one: the indication if it is lone or not, the coordinates of “non-places”/” places”; date and time, and eventually, forming the cooperative project, the coproduction of sound.“


Sound: DINIZ, Frederico “I WAS HERE”

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