by Antonio Arango


Original TitleOuroboros
DirectorAntonio Arango
Duration8:58 min

About the director

Antonio Arango Vázquez
(b Mexico City 1964). Visual Artist living in Mexico City

With a university education, at a Bachelor level, as Graphic Communication Designer, Antonio Arango has expanded his studies with several courses in art theory, photography, film, theater, comics and electronic media arts. Winner of the interactive media façade for the Goethe Institute in Mexico (“Reflex”, 2005), honorable mention in the Festival of Electronic Art Transitio 2017 with the installation “Untitled, Sub titled”. He received the Support for Production and Research in Art and Media 2010 from the National Arts Center with the piece of Multimedia Dance “Coalescence”. His videos and interactive installations have been exhibited in Mexico (Museums and galleries) and in several festivals and exhibitions in the United States, Spain, Canada, Germany, Brazil, France, Japan, England and Chile. He is currently working on expanded film, photography and graphic projects.


Ouroboros is a symbol that is represented with an animal (generally of form or proximity to a serpent) that engulfs its own tail. It symbolizes the eternal effort, eternal struggle or useless effort; the cyclical nature of things. The eternal return that begins again despite the actions to prevent it.

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