Younger Heart (Long Version)

by Katya Kan


Original TitleYounger Heart (Long Version)
DirectorKatya Kan
Duration2:01 min

About the director

As an independent and experimental director, I incorporate film and digital in my filmography. Some of the directors, whom I respect, include the Maya Deren, Steven Soderbergh, Andrei Tarkovsky, Wong Kar-wai and Kathryn Bigelow. I am currently editing a medium-length feature, which comes to terms with my inability to remember certain positive emotions from my childhood prior to the age of seven years old, which I spent in Almaty, Kazakhstan, as a result of immigration. Another film project in my pipeline is an experimental documentary, consisting of digital and 16mm film and revolving around the contemporary UK Wicca religion. My films were previously shown at the Cannes Short Film Corner (2014), Whitechapel Gallery (2018) as well as the ICA London (2018).


„Taking inspiration from the electronic band, Blue Hawaii’s single « Younger Heart », this video art piece explores the themes of „Together in the Universe“ as well as „Islands“. My piece will explore the idealistic notion of love between the opposite genders and racial backgrounds. I will choreograph two different race male and female contemporary dancers, who will perform their personal interpretation of the concept of love in the style of Pina Bausch. Bausch was a German performer of modern dance, choreographer, dance teacher and ballet director. With her unique style, a blend of movement, sound, and prominent stage sets, and with her elaborate collaboration with performers during the development of a piece (a style now known as Tanztheater), she became a leading influence in the field of modern dance from the 1970s on. Thematically, this piece will primarily convey the concept of the impossible and metaphysical attempt of two entities in terms of merging into one another physically…“

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