An explicit overtone in response to Vito Acconci´s undertone

by Carla Copey


Original TitleAn explicit overtone in response to Vito Acconci´s undertone
DirectorCarla Copey
Duration3:00 min

About the director

Carla Copley is an interdisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, working under the pseudonym ESP. Her preferred mediums are in video, photography, assemblage and writing. She is currently completing a Studio Arts degree at California State University, Los Angeles. Her projects aim to dissect the human condition all within a past, present and future context using costume and performance. Her collaborative projects with Fabian Forban, involving new media, have been screened 2019 at CosmiX I and II film festivals in Paris and Hanoi, and in 2018 at the Miami Independent Film Festival and Roma Cinema DOC as well as “Die erste Vertikale” in Berlin, Kino Central.


“I was struck by Vito Acconci’s Undertone video art piece for many reasons, the main point being that I wondered how this performance would be received if Mr Acconci had performed it in the age of the “me too” movement. This work could speak to the idea of two people who are lost in a world of fantastical master, muse dynamic, all performed within the technological realm.”


The artist wishes to thank Fabian Forban, whom she has collaborated with on various projects involving new media.

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