by Melissa Aller


Original TitleCaida
DirectorMelissa Aller
Duration3:11 min

About the director

Melisa Aller was born in Buenos Aires. She has a degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and studied Film and Video Direction at at CIEVYC. Her works have been selected and awarded at festivals in the US, China, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Spain, Poland, England, Germany, Italy, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina.

In her most recent work, Melissa is exploring light as a way to expand space and create light atmospheres from super 8 projectors turned into light machines and the manufacture of optical circulators, thus starting the series of photogrammatic machines.


Thrown to the top descent.
The gravity of the body. This body
And the fall.
Then I wave it
in an imprecise dialectic.
Generating interruptions
To join the true.

Tech Specs & Credits

Film super 8 edited in camera.
Frame by frame.
B&W- Film Kodak Tri X – Reversible 7266
Camera Minolta XL84
Performer Eleonora Paoletti
Sound & Music by Melisa Aller

Don’t mind the gap